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The London CCC was founded in 1980 and was the first Chinese Community Centre in the United Kingdom. The Centre’s mission is to preserve and promote Chinese culture, arts and identity, whilst helping the community to better integrate into mainstream UK community. The Centre is one of the busiest centres for Chinese culture and its communities in Europe and has attracted several Royal visits. Our team of well-trained staff, dedicated volunteers and professional management committee members provide wide-ranging support and activities. These range from welfare and benefits support and advice to language classes, cultural and recreational activities, elderly support, a healthy eating luncheon club, youth club and fundraising events. The Centre continually strives to meet the changing and growing demand for services and activities within this evolving community in a climate of reduced government funding.  We are always looking for ways to build on this and be better at what we do.

We are facing severe cuts to our funding and donations due to the current economic climate and would therefore welcome any donations which can be done when visiting the centre or via our donation page




Learners Chorus Performance

Learners Chorus Performance

Learners Chorus Performance

Learners Chorus Performance
The Learners Chorus from Hong Kong will be coming to the Chinese Community Centre to perform for our members! They will perform some Chinese pop folk songs and some English folk songs.

The Performance will be on the 26th July 2pm – 3.30pm

National Gallery Taster Session

National Gallery
National Gallery Taster Session
The national gallery will provide a workshop for the summer programme again. To tailor the needs of the youth members the national gallery will come to the centre beforehand and try out different types of activities to see what youth members prefer. Come along and have your say!

Free youth club members

3pm Sunday 3rd July 2016

Well Done CCC Turtles!

Well done to CCC Turtles for winning the charity cup at this years dragon boat festival! They also won the cup for the fastest time as well! Congratulations!! Turtle Power!!

CCC Turtles

Song Ming Long Calligraphy Exhibition

Song Ming Long Exhibtion
Song Ming Long Calligraphy Exhibition – 23rd June 2pm – 5pm
Song Ming Long presents the inscription painting “Harvest” and calligraphic works “Nung, Moon and New Moon” and “Invisible Elephant” at the Chinese Community Centre.

Song Ming Long (China) is a Gold writing expert, the Honorary President of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute, the General Director of the Henan Institute of Stone Carving and Painting, and a member of the Art Expert Committee. He often participates in various national calligraphy contest and has received a number of honorary titles. During his life, sculpture and calligraphy have become an integral part of
his life.

His Awards are:
2005: co-hosted the Huang Carving, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition with master Huang Ming
2009: works shown in the exhibition China-Korea-Russia International Calligraphy Art Exhibition
2010: participated in the nation’s premier antique jewellery art collection and as an invited exhibitor, held a carving exhibition
Jiuzhou International Antique Fair, Guangzhou
Invited by the Preparatory Committee to attend the opening ceremony as a VIP, and held the Mr. Song Ming Long [Song Ming Long calligraphy] engraving exhibition on the spot.
2013: One of his works, Patio Spring Snow is being selected for cultural exchange in overseas exhibitions as well as other public welfare activities, and will be on permanent display at the Chinese Characters Museum.


2010年廣州“九洲國際古玩城”開業大典活動中,受籌委會特別邀請,參加開業大典,並舉辦“宋明龍先生篆 [宋明龍書法] 刻展現場會”

Cantonese Opera Concert 2016

Cantonese Opera
Cantonese Opera Concert 2016
The Chinese Community Centre will be hosting a Cantonese Opera Charity Concert on the 28th August 2016.

The Concert will be held at the first class Matcham Room, in the Hippodrome Casino.

There will be live karaoke performances of classic Cantonese opera songs performed by skilled and experienced Singers

The cost of entry is £20 which incluides a one course meal and Chinese tea.

Doors will open at 12.30pm

All proceeds will go to the running of the Chinese Community Centre.

You can purchase tickets here

Or you can come in the centre and purchase in person

Queen’s 90th Birthday Tea Party

All online tickets for our Queen’s 90th Birthday Tea Party have now been reserved.

Don’t worry if you haven’t booked as there will be space availble on day on a first come first served basis.

If you have booked a ticket please come to the registration desk which will be located neat the east arch on Gerrard Street near Wan Chai Corner.

Also please bring a print out of your ticket that you booked on eventbrite or you can show us your email on your phone.

Please arrive on time for your allotted time. As the event is free and open to all, we cannot guarantee your place if you are late.

See you tomorrow and we hope you enjoy the day!

The Chinese Community Centre Celebrates The Queen’s 90th Birthday

Health & Wellbeing Workshop

The Chinese Community Centre Celebrates The Queen’s 90th Birthday
Come join the Chinese community Centre as we celebrate the Queens 90th birthday with a tea party in the middle of Gerrard Street, Chinatown.

Sandwiches and cakes will be served with Chinese tea symbolising the mixture of cultures – East meets West!

There will also be live performances by the Chinese Percussion Group and Chinese Tai Chi!

Free and open to everyone!
Please book your ticket and choose appropriate time slot to reserve your place!

There will be 3 slots:
13.00 – 14.00
14.15 – 15.00
15.15 – 16.00

Opening slot will be have an opening ceremony!

Each slot will have 100 spaces so please book asap!

You can book online here