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Fan Style Bagua Class

fan style bag class
Fan Style Bagua Class
Early Bird Class 7am – 8am
Regular Class 10.30am – 11.30am

This is a new and exciting opportunity to study a traditional Bagua system.
All aspects of the art will be available to dedicated students.

Philip Morrell has been studying traditional Chinese martial arts for the past 38 years. He is an indoor disciple of Mr Wen Dasheng the vice president of the Beijing Bagua Zhang Research Association and inheritor of Fan style Bagua.

Wen Dasheng can trace his lineage directly to the founder of Bagua, Dong Haichuan 1840-1922, to his teacher Fan Fenglan 1884-1967.

Fan Fenglan was Fan Zhiyong’s only daughter; she enjoyed high prestige in martial arts circles. She was one of the three elders of Beijing Bagua in the sixties, along with Guo Gumin and Cheng Youxin. Since she was a very honest, sincere and kind person people called her with respect Fan Dagu – Fan ‘Old Aunt’.

Fan Bagua contains material suitable for young and old, and is famous for promoting good health.

Fan Zhiyong once spent 49 days alone with Dong Haichuan in Prince Su’s Palace where he learnt Buddhist and Taoist combined method called ‘Wu Ji Baguazhang’ (also called ‘Nei Quan Baguazhang’).

This will be the first opportunity for people to practice this form of Bagua outside of China. Philip Morrell is the only Disciple outside of China.

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