Mid Autumn Festival and Members’ Party 2018

Mid Autumn Festival and Members’ Party 2018
Tuesday 25th September
Venue: New Loon Fung Restaurant 新龍鳳大酒樓
Time:12:30pm 中午12時半
Menu: 蝦餃、燒賣、耗油鮮竹卷、牛肉球、越南春卷、叉燒腸、芋角、蘿蔔糕、揚州炒飯、肉絲炒面
Price: member 會員£15; non-member 非會員 £18

Media Report:


The Chinese Community Centre hosted the 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival and Birthday celebration at the New Loonfeng Restaurant in Chinatown on September 25.

Wan Lan Wu, a centenarian of the centre, came together with over 120 people to celebrate many members’ birthdays along with the Mid-Autumn Festival. On the day mooncakes and other sweet treats were enjoyed by all along with a selection of music by the soprano singer Wang Wei and the UK Chinese Choir.

Christine Yau MBE, Chairman of the Chinese Community Centre, said that there are many members who need the help of the centre both emotionally and economically and she hopes that the community can increasingly support the centre. She also expressed sincere gratitude to the sponsors of the centre; The Chinese Embassy, Shaftesbury PLC, Bank of East Asia, Seewoo Chinatown, New Loon Moon, Royal China Group, Leeloy Food Supply and Freshasia Foods.

百歲人瑞同賀 中秋暨生日會

華人社區中心9月25日中午在唐人街新龍鳳大酒樓舉辦2018慶中秋暨生日聯歡會。值得一提的是,中心百歲老人尹蘭(Wan Lan WU)也在家人的攙扶下來到現場,與逾120名會員及嘉賓齊聚一堂,為20餘位長者慶祝生日並共度佳節。




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