Update to Legal Clinic

Legal Advice New System February 2019 

In order to provide more targeted legal services and more effectively use the legal resources of the UK Society of Chinese Lawyers (UKSCL) to solve problems for overseas Chinese, starting from February 1 2019, the legal aid project will implement the following adjustments: 

Each Saturday of every month, the lawyers on duty will deal with one specific topic as follows:

Week 1: Immigration affairs

Week 2: Real estate (including housing sales and deposit disputes)

Week 3: Family law and criminal cases

Week 4: Employment/ labour disputes

Week 5: (If there are five Saturdays in the month) any topic 

The legal aid project has already served more than 400 people. Interested parties please call or visit the centre in advance to make an appointment. In addition, if you need urgent legal advice, but but it does not fall within the topic of the week, you can still leave contact information and the duty lawyer may refer you to a lawyer who specialises in a relevant field to follow up. 

Tel: 020 7439 3822

Address: 2 Leicester Court, London WC2H 7DW (Above Leicester Square Chinatown tube exit). 





中心電話: 020 7439 3822

地址:2 Leicester Court, London WC2H 7DW(唐人街地鐵站樓上)。

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