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Health and Wellbeing 保健福祉

Monthly Health Check and Advice

To enhance the health for all our members, the Chinese Community Centre is running a clinic at the Centre. The service will include consultations, medical advice, explanation of medical conditions and explanation of medical treatment. General advice about healthy living, exercise and other topics will also be available.  The clinic will also provide blood tests for cholesterol and blood sugar. It is also possible for us to contact personal GPs and help our members obtaining the best service from their own doctor.

This is part of a community service provided by the Tzu Chi Foundation in the UK.

Please note that there will be no drug prescribing.


為了提高會員們的健康,我們將在中心舉辦義診服務。該服務將包括:會診、 醫療諮詢、 解釋你的健康狀況及治療方法。 同時提供有關健康生活及鍛練等的一般常識 。該服務還提供膽固醇和血糖的檢驗,亦可以代會員聯絡其家庭醫生以助他們獲得最好的服務。



The Chinese Community Centre also holds other activites that is related to elderlies’ health and wellbeing, such as heath talks. For further information, please see our Event page.