Charity gifts 2021 for presents that give back 慈善義賣


More information to purchase that , please email CCC at OR call 0207-4393822

no.1 農曆新年,倫敦唐人街 Luna New year, London Chinatown £15
no.2 西眺瑪利兵房軍官宿舍 (美利樓),香港,一八四六 The officer’s quarter looking toward Victoria (Murray house), Hong Kong, 1846 M. Bruce £20
no.3 無愧於心 (書法) 朱良拱老師書 Wúkuì yú xīn Chinese Calligraphy Written by Mr Zhu Liang-gong. £15
誠信   書法   朱良拱老師書 Honesty   Chinese Calligraphy   Mr Zhu Liang-gong
no.4 誠信 (書法)朱良拱老師 Honesty Chinese Calligraphy Mr Zhu Liang-gong £15
no.5 (書法)朱良拱老師 Chinese Calligraphy by Mr Zhu Liang-gong £15
no.6 Integrity wins the World (書法)朱良拱老師 Chinese Calligraphy by Mr Zhu Liang-gong £15

剪紙藝術 (連相架) Framed Silhouettes art–Double Happiness £20
no.8 剪紙藝術(連相架) Framed Silhouettes art–Butterfly £20
no.9 剪紙藝術 (連相架) Framed Silhouettes art–Dragon £20
磁磚掛飾 Tile Decorations
no.10 磁磚掛飾 Tile Decorations £3 each
no.11 亞虫遺作投桃報李 Ah Chung Gallery £10
no.12 亞虫遺作種瓜得瓜 Ah Chung Gallery £10

no.13 亞虫遺作一山還有一山高 Ah Chung Gallery £10
no.14 亞虫遺作 腳踏實地 Ah Chung Gallery £10 (minus the green post-it sticker!)
no.15 水彩畫 Water-painting £3
no.16 水彩畫 Water-painting £3
no.17 水彩畫 Water-painting £3
no.18 水彩畫 Water-painting £3
no.19 水彩畫 Water-painting £3
no.20 水彩畫 Water-painting £3 (minus the yellow post-it sticker)

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