Confronting Covid-related crime

如果您是居住在英國的華裔、南亞或其他東南亞裔等,在新冠疫情期間,不幸淪為仇恨罪案的直接或間接受害者,舉例如:因您的皮膚色或種族原因,遭受身體或語言暴力,造成心理創傷,請直接聯繫我們的“華人社區康福服務” (CCHWS)。我們的社團有包括心理學家、心理治療師在內的資深專業人士,為您提供免費,安全,私隱絕對保密的輔導。
華人社區康福服務輔導服務預約電話  07464890902 (敬請留言)


The latest police figures have revealed that Hate Crimes against Chinese people in the UK have soared during the coronavirus outbreak. Hundreds of offences were recorded in the first three months of 2020 during this pandemic – including assaults, robberies, harassment and criminal damage. Covid or no Covid blame should not be apportioned to anyone or any nation as the virus does not discriminate in any manner or form.

Therefore, the Chinese Community Centre will partner with Protection Approaches in Jan 2021 to run a training project to encourage the report of hate crime and assist affected individuals and how they can report issues to the police and obtain the appropriate support. We will announce further details later.



因此,從2021年一月起華人社區中心將會和保護組織(Protection Approaches) 合作舉辦一個培訓計劃以鼓勵華人舉報仇恨罪案和幫助支持受害人等, 詳情會稍後公佈。

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