Year of the Ox video【送鼠迎牛】賀新春拜年視頻

Unfortunately, we cannot celebrate Chinese New Year like we have in the past, we couldn’t conduct our charity sales in Trafalgar square or showcase traditional performances around China town ,  we would have to be socially distanced from everyone.   Please click here for our new year celebration video to welcome the year of the Ox!


很遺憾的是,一場新冠疫情令我們無法像往年一樣慶祝農曆新年,也無法在特拉法加廣場作慈善義賣或在唐人街附近表演傳統節目,我們還必須與所有人保持社交距離,不能一同共慶新春。 但是我們仍製作了一個拜年視頻來跟大家一起慶祝。 請點擊這裡收看跟我們一起送鼠迎牛!牛年大吉!

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