After you’re Gone 義演話劇籌款

A reading of Writer/Actor Jackie Lam’s screenplay, “After You’re Gone.” The story is based on real events surrounding a British Chinese family in 2017. After an elderly Hong Kong immigrant is killed during a violent home robbery, her widowed husband must overcome his grief and accept help, or risk losing his relationship with the only person he has left, his son.

All profits from the May 30th reading will be donated to the London Chinese Community Centre.  Please click here for your eventbrite ticket.

非常感謝 Jackie (@jackielamactor) 為華人社區中心慈善義演這話劇 “After You’re Gone

此話劇描述和圍繞一個在英華人家庭的真實故事而寫的。一位年邁的香港移民被搶劫後喪偶, 現他必須克服悲痛并接受其他人的幫助,否則就連他唯一的兒子也有可能會永遠離開他。

請馬上點擊購票支持Jackie Lam此話劇

We are speaking out about the targeted acts of violence against members of the East and South Asian community, specifically the elderly. Since the 2020 Covid pandemic, the UK and USA have seen a significant rise in these hate crimes. In May 2020, the U.K. police reported a 21% increase of reported hate crimes against East Asian and South East Asian people. In the United States, Anti-Asian hate crimes increased by nearly 150% in 2020.

This flux of hate crimes continues, resulting in injuries, death, and irreversible mental scarring for the Asian community.