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Being elderly and infirm happens to us all eventually, even if we try to make plans or save up some money. In the end, we cannot help becoming reliant upon others. Chinese families usually benefit from having strong support structures, but not all are so lucky, some slip through the net, become isolated and in turn vulnerable. The CCC is that net, we are there to give advice, a friendly ear and even a hot meal shared with others. Chinese culture is kept alive thousands of miles from home and in sharing that culture we hope to reach out to others and create understanding.

無論我們怎樣去計劃, 生老病死是人生必經階段,最終我們都要依賴身邊的人。華人家庭在傳統上都會互相照顧和支持,但並非所有人都那麼幸運。 有些華人缺乏家人或朋友關懷,逐漸變得孤伶無助。 倫敦華人社區中心的抱負是使中心成為一個「安全網」,幫助有需要和無依的朋友,提供福利諮詢及共聚用餐、活動的地方。更藉互相交留推廣,保存中華優秀文化。

最近疫情對本中心籌募經費造成沉重打擊, 請慷慨解囊繼續支持華人社區中心!