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Charity Fundraising Gala 2018 38th Anniversary

We would like to thank all of you, both old members and new friends for attending this Fundraising Gala and for your care and support for the community centre over the years.

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來源 Source:英僑網 UK Chinese Journal

“The London Chinese Community Centre has provided extensive help to many Chinese and overseas Chinese since its inception in 1980. Today, 38 years later, it still provides a helping hand for those overseas Chinese who need support, allowing them to stand on their own two feet in the UK.”

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“The 38th Anniversary and Charity Fundraising Gala raised a total of £10,000 through generous sponsorship and the charity auction and raffle. This money will be used to offer more courses and services for the benefit of members and the community. In terms of the content of these classes, not only welfare topics concerning our elderly members will be addressed. More issues concerning newly arrived overseas Chinese will also be covered by our existing legal advice service, for example; British investment, home ownership and others.”

來源 Source: 鳳凰衛視 Phoenix TV

Message From Our Chairman


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Please let me extend a very warm welcome to each one of you to our 38th Anniversary Charity Gala Dinner for the Chinese Community Centre.

Many of you are old friends together with new friends here tonight. I wish to share with you our delight in surviving despite huge funding cuts in recent years, also to celebrate the beauty of humanity, kindness and generosity of you all. With your support and the dedications of the staff, volunteers in particular, we are able to continue the work we are committed to.

Let’s enjoy the evening and let’s rejoice in the human kindness of everyone here.

Christine Yau MBE

Chairman of the Chinese Community Centre







The London Chinese Community Centre was founded by Dr. Abraham Lue in 1980. It was the first Chinese Community Centre in the UK and in it’s first year approximately 1000 people from all over, came to seek help and guidance. To this day the centre has helped over 50,000 people. We always strive to preserve and promote Chinese culture, arts and identity, whilst also helping our members settle into mainstream UK society.
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