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Our History

The London Chinese Community Centre was founded in 1980
and was the first Chinese Community Centre in the UK. It was pioneered by Dr Abraham Lue. Dr. Lue was a volunteer teacher at the Chinese Language School in Euston. He realised there was a growing demand and need for support services for the Chinese Community when parents used to come to him for advice and ask for his assistance in translating letters from schools, councils and doctors.

With Dr. Lue’s vision and determination the Chinese Community Centre opened in the heart of London’s Chinatown and has been serving Britain’s Chinese community for the last 40 years.

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Our Founder Dr. Abraham Sek-Tong Lue MBE, CMG

The late Dr. Abraham Sek-Tong Lue was a fellow at King’s College, London, where he taught in the Mathematics Department for 30 years. He was the founder of the Chinese Community Centre in London (1980), and played an active role in promoting China-UK relations.