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Our History

The London Chinese Community Centre was founded in 1980 and was the first Chinese Community Centre in the UK. It was pioneered by Dr Abraham Lue. Dr. Lue was a volunteer teacher at the Chinese Language School in Euston. He realised there was a growing demand and need for support services for the Chinese Community when parents used to come to him for advice and ask for his assistance in translating letters from schools, councils and doctors.

With Dr. Lue’s vision and determination the Chinese Community Centre opened in the heart of London’s Chinatown and has been serving Britain’s Chinese community for the last 40 years.

Within its first year the Centre received almost 1000 requests for support with people coming from as far as Scotland. To date it has helped over 50,000 people by providing advice and assistance and is seen as a valuable service and resource for many of the Chinese Community in London and beyond.

The Chinese Community Centre has always strived to preserve and promote Chinese culture, arts and identity, whilst helping the community to better integrate into the mainstream UK community. As a result the Centre is one of the busiest in Europe, even attracting several Royal visits, most recently in 2008 when HRH Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall witnessed the good work and support we provide to the community on a daily basis.

Our team of well-trained staff and dedicated volunteers provide the utmost support and attention to all enquiries and activities provided by the Centre; including welfare and benefits support and advice, language classes, arts and culture, elderly support, youth activities and numerous fundraising events. The Centre continually tries to meet the changing and growing demand for services and activities within this evolving community.

Having resided in our humble location on the 2nd floor of 28-29 Gerrard for 14 years, we relocated to 2 Leicester Court in 2012. With this new and much bigger premises, we are excited to expand our range of facilities, services and activities and to open our doors to help and support many more people.

We truly believe our Centre has a vital part to play in improving the lives and welfare of the Chinese community in London and the South East.

Latest up date: 24th May 2020


倫敦華人社區中心於1980年由 劉錫棠博士建立,是在英國第一個華人社區中心。劉博士是尤斯頓中文學校的志願教師,因為經常有中國來的父母來向他諮詢,並要求他協助翻譯學校﹑地區政府和醫生的來信,他發現這服務的需求不斷增長。

由於劉博士的遠見和決心,他於倫敦唐人街的中心開設華人社區中心,並一直在過去的 40年為居英的華人社區服務。在中心開辦的第一年,共接獲近 1000人求助,其中甚至遠自蘇格蘭。至今,中心已為超過50,000人提供過諮詢及援助,同時亦是倫敦及以外眾多華人社區一種寶貴的資源和服務。

華人社區中心一直致力於保護和弘揚中華文化,藝術和身份,同時幫助華人更有效地融入英國主流社會。華人社區中心是歐洲其中一個最繁忙的中心,甚至吸引了一些皇室人員到訪。最近一次是在 2008 年時,威爾斯親王和康沃爾公爵夫人見証了我們每天的工作和給社會提供援助的成果。


自1998 年以來我們一直位於簡陋的爵祿街28-29號2樓,現己喬遷至里斯特坊2號。



Aims and Services

The London Chinese Community Centre is committed to maintaining and developing services and activities to improve the quality of life of Chinese communities in London and nationwide.

Our Aims

To improve the quality of life and well-being of:

  1. The Chinese community, particularly for those who are disadvantaged;
  2. To empower members of the Chinese community and to work with them to meet their needs; and
  3. To focus on preserving Chinese culture, arts and identity.

Our Services

  1. Community Development Services: offering various English, Computer, Arts and Cultural classes
  2. Information & Advice Services
  3. Elderly Health Improvement Service
  4. Youth Club




  1. 改善在英華人生活質素,特別是幫助孤立無援者;
  2. 提高會員的自主能力,為他們提供支援服務;及
  3. 弘揚中國文化藝術及身份認同


  1. 社區發展計劃服務:提供不同程度的英文班、電腦班、文化及藝術班等;
  2. 資訊與諮詢服務;
  3. 耆英健康生活服務; 及
  4. 青少年俱樂部。


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