Our Aims and Services 中心的使命和服務

The London Chinese Community Centre is committed to maintaining and developing services and activities to improve the quality of life of Chinese communities in London and nationwide.


Our Aims

To improve the quality of life and well-being of:

  1. The Chinese community, particularly for those who are disadvantaged;
  2. To empower members of the Chinese community and to work with them to meet their needs; and
  3. To focus on preserving Chinese culture, arts and identity.

Our Services

  1. Community Development Services: offering various English, Computer, Arts and Cultural classes;
  2. Information & Advice Services;
  3. Elderly Health Improvement Service; and
  4. Youth Club;






  1. 改善在英華人生活質素,特別是幫助孤立無援者;
  2. 提高會員的自主能力,為他們提供支援服務;及
  3. 弘揚中國文化藝術及身份認同。



  1. 社區發展計劃服務:提供不同程度的英文班、電腦班,文化及藝術班等;
  2. 資訊與諮詢服務;
  3. 耆英健康生活服務; 及
  4. 青少年俱樂部。


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