London CCC

Chinese community celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival 逾百會員齊聚 追月 社區中心中秋聯歡 2017

It is typical for Chinese people to reunite with their family to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. At the London Chinese Community Centre the members feel like family, so to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival, a party was held at the New Loon Fung restaurant on the 5th October.
More than 120 people attended the festive event. Chairwoman of CCC Christine Yau MBE wished everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and expressed her deep gratitude for those who offered their generous support to the people in need. New manager of CCC, Tingting Dong, introduced the center’s new services and announced that the Community Lunch, providing affordable and scrumptious food, would be launched on 10th October.
Chen Wang’s beautiful songs kicked off the get-together. Mo Li Hua captured people’s attention and inspired their imagination. Edelweiss performed by CCC Choir and Yu Cheng’s Pipa solo greatly enlivened the atmosphere and the Cantonese Opera Di Nü Hua turned out to be a chorus. The final raffle draw and the luxury moon cake auction brought the party to an end.
The feast was extremely enjoyable and everyone attended received a moon cake as a gift.
Many thanks to the following: Thomas Welton of Shaftesbury PLC, Jeremy Cummins of Napoleons Casino, See Woo Supermarket, New Loon Fung restaurant, Bank of China (UK), Bank of East Asia (UK) and Soon Fung for making the event a success.
贊助商沙士比利華埠市業總監韋爾頓(Thomas Welton)、拿破崙娛樂事業經理Jeremy Cummins、中國銀行(倫敦中國城分行)代表等親臨現場跟長者賀節,送上誠摯的祝福!另特別銘謝:泗和行、新龍門行、中國銀行、東亞銀行及順風食品供應對本次活動的大力支持及贊助。