Chinese Community Challenge Cup Jun 2013

Chinese Community Friendship Cup (JUNE) Report


Team (H/A) Result Game Size Notes:

Pacific Storm 1-5 (L) 11 a side Chinese Community Friendship Cup game

Old Place 2-4 (L) 11 a side Chinese Community Friendship Cup game

CATH 0-7 (L) 11 a side Chinese Community Friendship Cup game

Orimental 1-1(D) 11 a side Chinese Community Friendship Cup game


The Chinese Community Friendship Cup is a mini league where each team plays each other once and the team coming first in the league wins the cup. The teams that participated were Pacific Storm, Old Place, Chinese Association Tower Hamlets (CATH) and The Chinese Community Centre.

Pacific Storm – The first game of the Chinese Community Friendship Cup game was lost in the first half with CCC conceding 3 goals. This was partly due to lack of preparation, having several regular CCC players missing and playing an unfamiliar formation, which led to a disorganised and sloppy performance. During half time a change of formation and several substitutions led to an improvement in performance. After saving a penalty and scoring a goal early on in the second half gave CCC a glimpse of hope, but soon after several contentious calls from the ref quickly evaporated any chance of a comeback by first disallowing a CCC goal and awarding Pacific Storm another penalty which they scored from and went on to win the game 5-1.

Old Place – Strong wind caused havoc during the game with Old Place. The wind was blowing towards the CCC goal and it played a hand in the goals that the CCC conceded. Unfortunately for the CCC the weather conditions died down for switch half time so they could not use the wind as an advantage like Old Place had done.

CATH – With a younger, fitter and larger squad CATH were too much for CCC blowing them away with a 7-0 victory.

Orimental – CCC having lost 3 games on the trot were determined to salvage some pride with a win against Orimental, which sadly did not go to plan thanks to conceding a penalty and only managing to score one goal despite having several opportunities to score more.

Overall a very disappointing Friendship Cup campaign for the CCC, who placed last with only 1 point.

CATH were the eventual and well-deserved winners of the Friendship Cup.

The final table can be seen at here

    六月2013华人社区中心竞赛杯 六月份华人社区中心友谊赛报告。
Pacific Storm 1-5 赢
Old Place 2-4 赢
CATH 0-7 赢
Orimental 1-1赢   
中国社区中心友谊赛是一个迷你联盟赛,每支队伍只能比赛一次,领先队将赢得奖杯。 参加的队伍有
Pacific Storm之战 Pacific Storm-CCC在上半场输了三粒球。部分原因是缺乏准备,几位常规球员没有出席,以及用了一个不熟悉的阵法。这些都是导致这球队的表现显得组织散漫。 在下半场CCC改变阵法,换了几位球员入场,最终进了一个罚球,CCC稍微扭转了劣势,为求队带来了一线曙光。 但好景不常,裁判随后做了几个有争议性的决定,破灭了反败为胜的希望。裁判否决了CCC的一粒进球,又让Pacific Stormy进了一粒发球。结果Pacific Storm 以5比1取胜。
Old Place之战 强劲的风助了CCC一臂之力,进了球,让Old Place受到了极大的伤害。可惜的是在下半场 风势停了,CCC 的优势也因此而失去。
CATH之战 CATH是支比较年轻,壮健及阵容交大的队伍。CCC完全个不是他们的对手。结果以7比0 败下阵来。Orimental之战 CCC连续输了三场。决定要战胜Orimental,扳回一局. 但事不如愿,CCC失掉几个进球的机会,只进了一球,而又让对方取得了罚球,最终败北收场。 总的来说,CCC在友好杯联盟赛里只获得一分,是一场非常失望的经历。 反之,CATH则实至名归,无可质疑的赢得了友好杯。  可以在此点击观看成绩表。