2013 Gallery 畫廊

Gallery – CCC Member Birthday and Christmas Party 2013 (Dec 2013)

Gallery – Gallery Christmas Music Concert (Dec 2013)

Gallery – Gallery Silver Sunday (Oct 2013)

Gallery – Gallery Mid Autumn & Elderly Birthday Party (Sep 2013)

Gallery – Opera 洛水夢會(September 2013)

Gallery – Police Commissioner Invite (August 2013)

Gallery – Chinatown Summer Fete 唐人街仲夏同樂日(August 2013)

Gallery – Luncheon Club Launch Party 歡樂午餐會開幕禮 (August 2013)

Gallery – Youth Club Launch/Summer Programme 青少年會計劃 (July-Aug 2013)

Gallery – London HK Dragon Boat Race 倫敦香港龍舟同樂 (Jun 2013)

Gallery – Charity Walk 華人社區中心慈善步行 (Jun 2013)

Gallery – Elderly Birthday Party 耆英生日慶祝會(Apr-Jun 2013)

Gallery – The World at Regent Street (May 2013)

Gallery – Chinese Chess Event (Apr 2013)

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