2018 Gallery 畫廊

Christmas Choir & Collection (December 2018)

Christmas & Members’ Birthday Party! (December 2018)

Charity Fundraising Gala 2018 38th Anniversary (December 2018)

Trip to New Forest National Park (October 2018)

Gallery – Chung Yeung Festival Lunch Party 重陽敬老午餐會 (October 2018)

Gallery – Silver Sunday (October 2018)

Mid Autumn Festival and Members’ Party (September 2018)

Gallery – Youth Club Summer Programme (August 2018)

Gallery – Potato Cutting Workshop at China Exchange (June 2018)

Gallery – Dragon Boat Festival & Second Quarter Members Birthday Party 2018 (June 2018)

Gallery – Day Trip to Isabella Plantation (May 2018)

Gallery – Easter 2018 Youth Activities: Book Talk and Sports Hall (April 2018)

Gallery – Youth Club Football: Spring Warren Cup (April 2018)

Gallery – First Quarterly 2018 Members’ Birthday Party (March 2018)

Deputy Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office visits Xinhua News Agency in London (February 2018)

Gallery – Cantonese Opera Concert 2018 (February 2018)

Gallery – Chinese New Year at Brent Cross 2018 (February 2018)

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