2019 Gallery 畫廊

Christmas Choir (December 2019)

Members Birthday & Christmas Party (December 2019)

Christmas Choir Rehearsal (December 2019)

Youth Club Christmas Party (December 2019)

Bank of East Asia Anti-Fraud Talk (November 2019)

Annual General Meeting (November 2019)

Youth Club Trip to Kew Gardens (October 2019)

TungWah Student Ambassador Visit (October 2019)

Silver Sunday (October 2019)

Chinese Health & Well being Clinic Launch (October 2019)

Cantonese Opera Concert (September 2019)

Members Birthday & Mid-autumn Festival Party (September 2019)

Youth Club Summer Programme (August 2019)

Youth Club Tour “The Making of Chinatown” @ China Exchange (July 2019)

Hampton Court Palace (August 2019)

London Zoo (August 2019)

Free Tai Chi Official Launch (August 2019)

Camden Unity Cup Festival (August 2019)

Youth Steering Committee – Camden Cup (July 2019)

Dragon Boat Festival (June 2019)

Kensington Palace (June 2019)

Dim-sum Class (May 2019)

Members Birthday Party (March 2019)

Chinese New Year Party 己亥豬年春節聯歡 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 @ Trafalgar Square (February 2019)

Chinese New Year Celebration @ Brent Cross 春節家庭同樂日 中國文化齊齊賞 (February 2019)

Youth Club New Year Party! (January 2019)

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