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South Cup 2018 Group Photo

Photo Credit: Amy Leung


Men’s Team

Congratulations to the CCCFC Men’s team who came 2nd against the best Chinese/Asian 5 a side team in England in the Chinese Community Challenge Super Cup 2018. They were narrowly beaten by the CCCCUP North 2017 winners; Nemesis, losing 4-3! Well done to the team; Adrian Chan (Captain), Billy Man (Goal Keeper), Rob Lee, Andy Chung, Julian Yip, Darren Leung, Angus Yuen.

The Men’s team took part in many tournaments this summer, including: the Balls Not Borders Tournament and the Footy Addicts Tournament. The team are going through a transition with many older players coming to the end of their careers and a new crop of younger players coming though. They have joined the Power Play West London League and finished 3rd in the division and look to build from this.

Ladies & Mixed Teams

Congratulations to the Ladies team for winning the Ladies Super Liga Tournament. Our girls won on penalties with Sui-Yin Chan the hero in goal, making 3 saves! Our team are: Ele Gallenzi (Captain), Sui-Yin Chan, Rossana To, Karina and Raisa Krosney. Well done for bringing back the silverware!

The Mixed Team has consistently been in the top 4 of the Tuesday Angel Mixed League.

The Chinese Community Challenge Cup 2018

Special thanks to the Frank Soo Foundation for hosting the CCC Cup 2018 and donating £1200 to the Youth Club this year! This could not have happened without the generous support of our sponsors; Empire Casino, London Chinese Visas, the Chinese Gift Shop and Vitasoy. Also thank you to Counsellor Lu Hai Tian for handing out the trophies to the winning teams.

We are always looking for new players and coaches to join all of our teams. If you are interested, please contact We are also looking for enthusiastic people to help us organise. With our Centre Staff and Volunteers and the support of local sports centres we are open to any ideas you may have to help us develop our sports department.

Previous Years

Chinese Community Friendship Cup 足球比賽 June 2013 (completed)

Chinese Community Friendship Cup (JUNE) Report


Team (H/A) Result Game Size Notes:

Pacific Storm 1-5 (L) 11 a side Chinese Community Friendship Cup game

Old Place 2-4 (L) 11 a side Chinese Community Friendship Cup game

CATH 0-7 (L) 11 a side Chinese Community Friendship Cup game

Orimental 1-1(D) 11 a side Chinese Community Friendship Cup game


The Chinese Community Friendship Cup is a mini league where each team plays each other once and the team coming first in the league wins the cup. The teams that participated were Pacific Storm, Old Place, Chinese Association Tower Hamlets (CATH) and The Chinese Community Centre.

Pacific Storm – The first game of the Chinese Community Friendship Cup game was lost in the first half with CCC conceding 3 goals. This was partly due to lack of preparation, having several regular CCC players missing and playing an unfamiliar formation, which led to a disorganised and sloppy performance. During half time a change of formation and several substitutions led to an improvement in performance. After saving a penalty and scoring a goal early on in the second half gave CCC a glimpse of hope, but soon after several contentious calls from the ref quickly evaporated any chance of a comeback by first disallowing a CCC goal and awarding Pacific Storm another penalty which they scored from and went on to win the game 5-1.

Old Place – Strong wind caused havoc during the game with Old Place. The wind was blowing towards the CCC goal and it played a hand in the goals that the CCC conceded. Unfortunately for the CCC the weather conditions died down for switch half time so they could not use the wind as an advantage like Old Place had done.

CATH – With a younger, fitter and larger squad CATH were too much for CCC blowing them away with a 7-0 victory.

Orimental – CCC having lost 3 games on the trot were determined to salvage some pride with a win against Orimental, which sadly did not go to plan thanks to conceding a penalty and only managing to score one goal despite having several opportunities to score more.

Overall a very disappointing Friendship Cup campaign for the CCC, who placed last with only 1 point.

CATH were the eventual and well-deserved winners of the Friendship Cup.

March Newsletter

CCFC Monthly Report: MARCH

Date: 26th March 2013


Team (H/A)ResultGame SizeNotes:
Wan Yen1- 3(L)5 a sideGroup game of the Spring Showcase Tournament
Pacific Storm1-15 a sideGroup game of the Spring Showcase Tournament
Thaigerz2-1 (W)5 a sideGroup game of the Spring Showcase Tournament
United Colours0-2(L)5 a sideGroup game of the Spring Showcase Tournament
DragonsFT2-3(L) Golden Goal5 a sideFirst round of the knockout stage of the Spring Showcase Tournament
Chan Neils Solicitors10-3(W)8 a sideFriendly
Orimental3-1(W)11 a sideFriendly


Spring Showcase Tournament – Having started slowly to the tournament CCCFC managed to regroup and come third in the group stages setting up a tie with DragonsFT, who were the hosts of the tournament. DragonsFT were one of the favourites to win the tournament and having beaten CCCFC several times before underestimated CCCFC and were run close; needing a golden goal in extra time to win the game. Overall, a decent tournament performance for CCCFC; getting out of the group stages and coming close to beating the hosts DragonsFT.

Chan Neils Solicitors – Having lost to Chan Neil Solicitors in last summers Chinese Community Challenge Cup, CCCFC were eager to play them again. This time the result was different and CCCFC managed to avenge the defeat from the CCC cup with a dominant display winning 10-3.

Orimental – First 11 a side game for 2013 against the unknown Orimental FC and it was a scrappy affair with CCCFC managing to win 3-1 but it could have been more.

Please have a look at

Tackling Shoplifters! – After the Spring Showcase Tournament members of the CCCFC were walking down the street when a man ran past them followed by shouts of “thief”. CCCFC striker and London Metropolitan police officer; Kwok Ho showed what he does in his day job by apprehending the man who had several items of food in his possession. CCCFC members held the guy down until the police could arrive. CCCFC helping out the community where ever it goes!!!

Things to look forward to next month:

Next month brings the annual CCCFC Holland Tour. CCCFC are planning to bring along 2 teams to the city of Rotterdam to participate in a futsal tournament. This will take place on the 20th of April.


We were asked to participate in Thai competition but we had to respectfully refuse due to a rule which would only allow 2 non-Asian players per team. As we represent the CCC we do not condone discrimination of any kind and would like to put it in the record that we will not play in any future competitions which has any restrictions on race. This is an issue in some Asian/Oriental competitions/communities and the CCCFC management believes that we should be doing all we can to break down these barriers.

April Newsletter

CCCFC Monthly Report: April

Date: 15th May 2013


CCC All Stars

Team (H/A)ResultGame SizeNotes:
HollanKing0-2 (L)5 a sideGroup game of the Rotterdam City Futsal Tournament
Outsource0-3 (L)5 a sideGroup game of the Rotterdam City Futsal Tournament
Winning Eleven3-2 (W)5 a sideGroup game of the Rotterdam City Futsal Tournament
Winx Club 4-3(W)5 a sideRotterdam City Futsal Tournament Talent Cup semi final
ViTeS! Arnhem0-2(L)5 a sideRotterdam City Futsal Tournament Talent Cup Final

CCC Globe trotters

Team (H/A)ResultGame SizeNotes:
Blue Devils0- 7(L)5 a sideGroup game of the Rotterdam City Futsal Tournament
Winx Club1-15 a sideGroup game of the Rotterdam City Futsal Tournament
ViTeS!1-0 (W)5 a sideGroup game of the Rotterdam City Futsal Tournament
Outsource2-2, 3-4 Penalties (L)5 a sideRotterdam City Futsal Tournament Champions Cup Semi Final


Rotterdam City Futsal Tournament – The CCCFC brought 2 teams (CCC All stars and CCC Globe trotters) to the city of Rotterdam to participate in the Rotterdam Futsal Tournament. Futsal is similar to football except it is played on a flat indoor pitch with hockey-sized goals and a size 4 ball with a reduced bounce.

CCC All stars started the group games slowly losing their first two games, but managed to win the last group game in closely contested match winning 3-2. This win meant that CCC All Stars finished third in the group, which meant they went in to the Rotterdam City Futsal Tournament Talent Cup.

They played Winx Club in the semi final where they started badly letting WinX Club go into 3-0 lead. CCC All stars then rallied back to win the game 4-3 to get into the final.

In the final the previous games had taken its toll on the players of CCC All Stars who were fatigued and injured and the final finished to 2-0 to the winners of the Talent Cup ViTeS! Arnhem.

CCC All Stars & CCC Globetrotters

CCC Globe trotters started the tournament really badly losing 7-0. Despite the heavy loss CCC Globe Trotters improved their performance with each game by getting a 1-1 draw then a 1-0 win to finish second in their group. This meant they went into the Rotterdam City Futsal Tournament Champions Cup.

They played Outsource in the Champions cup semi final. The semi final was a close game ending 2-2. CCC Globe Trotters were disappointed as they were winning the game 2-0 but with 5 minutes left they conceded a goal and the equalizer came in the last seconds of the game. The game then went into a penalty shoot out which CCC Globe Trotters lost 4-3.

Things to look forward to next month:

Next month sees the CCCFC prepare for the Chinese Community Friendship Cup, which starts in June.