London CCC

Language Classes 語言班

Language Classes 語言班

Cantonese Class 廣東話班

Due to Covid-19, classes will be delivered via Zoom until further notice.


We organise THREE classes for different levels of learners:

  1. Cantonese for Complete Beginners (subject to minimum number of people)
    • Suitable for complete beginners in Cantonese
    • No previous knowledge is assumed
    • Time: Wednesday  18:00pm – 19:30pm
    • £100 for 10 sessions or £55 for 5, PAYG option is not available
  2. Cantonese for Advanced Beginners
    • Suitable for those who understand basic Cantonese, but can not speak fluently
    • Suitable for British-born-Chinese
    • Time: Saturday  12noon – 13.30pm
    • £100 for 10 sessions or PAYG £12
  3. Cantonese for Intermediate
    • Suitable for conversational standard
    • Looking to progress to fluency
    • Time: Saturday 10:30am – 12noon
    • £100 for 10 sessions or PAYG £12

Please email OR call 0207-4393822 for further information.

1.零基礎 (正在收生中) 適合初學者,學員不需對廣東話有任何認識。


時間: 下午六時至七時三十分

收費: £100/十堂£55/五

2.進階初班 ,適合對廣東話有基本認識,但並不流暢的人士。


時間: 時間: 中午十二時至下午一時三十分

收費: £100/十堂

3. 進階高班 , 適合對廣東話有一定的認識,改善至流利程度。


時間: 上午十時三十分至下午十二時

收費: £100/十堂

有興趣者請電郵或至電 0207-4393822

Mandarin Class 零基礎普通話

We are happy to announce that we will restart our Mandarin Classes in 2021. All classes via Google Meet. Levels as follows:

  • Beginners – starting from 27.03.2021 – 05.06.2021 Saturday 2pm – 3pm

Fees: £8 per lesson (pay as you go), or £70 for a block of 10 lessons.

Our Chinese teacher is  Ms Shu Chen Warner who has over 10 years of teaching experience, creating and delivering engaging language lessons to multiple age ranges, including primary through to key stage 5. She uses innovative and varied teaching techniques to optimise knowledge retention and student engagement. She also works as an Oral Examiner and Exam Invigilator as well as supporting clients as a transla