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英國稅務局會在四月至六月間寄出於已申請且正領取稅務津貼者有關續期之文件。若你正在領取稅務津貼(就業稅務津貼或兒童稅務津貼或兩者皆有),你必須最遲於 7月 31 日前,填妥及寄回其續期表格或回答稅務局提出的問題或/及需填寫其所要求的其他有關的表格。若在 7 月中還沒有收到此文件,請打稅務津貼熱線電話:0845 300 3900。

Tax Credits Renewals

H M Revenue & Custom will have sent out packs of Annual Review of Tax Credits between April and June to those persons who have applied and are receiving Tax Credits. If you are receiving Tax Credits (either Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit or both), you must complete and return such Annual
Review Form or answers to those enquiries made by HM Revenue & Custom and/or other relevant forms all relating to this Annual Review latest by 31 July 2014. If you have not received this pack by mid of July 2014, please contact Tax Credit Helpline at 0845 300 3900. For further information about this Tax Credit Renewals, please contact the Centre.


凡是住在倫敦﹑60歲或以上但不夠資格使用長者免費乘車証之人士,從2012年11月1日起,可以在任何時間免費使用倫敦運輸局的公共交通工具及某些地區性的火車服務。欲申請領取此乘車証,你必需上網填寫一份申請表格,(網址,或致電倫敦運輸局之客户服務部 (電話:0343 222 1234) ,要求協助辦理“60歲或以上人仕倫敦乘車証”。在申請時,你必須遞交一張彩色數碼照片、提供電郵地址、駕駛執照或有效英國護照及有效的銀行卡/信用卡,以作支付不能退還的十英鎊手續費﹔及確認你的地址。

本中心樂意協助合資格申請此乘車証的會員辦理申請手續及提供諮詢服務,請致電預約本中心的諮詢員,電話020 7439 3822。


60+ London Oyster Photo Card

From 1 November 2012, Londoners who are aged 60 or over and are not eligible to receive a Freedom Pass, will be able to apply for a 60+ London Oyster Photo card. The card allows you to travel for free on all TFL services and some national rail services at any time of the day. To apply, you have to fill in an application form online ( or contact TFL Customer Contact Centre (Tel: 0343 222 1234) for assistance.For this application, you need to submit a colour digital photo, an email address, a driving licence or a valid UK Passport; a valid debit/credit card to pay the non-refundable £10 fee and confirm your address.
We are happy to provide advice and assistance for your application. For further information about the 60+ London Oyster Photo Card, please contact us to make an appointment.

P45, P46 與P60

若你是在職員工,你的僱主必須遞交以下文件 – P45及P60 – 皆與你的薪金而需繳付之稅款有關。

  1. P45:當你停工時,你會收到由你的僱主發出的P45。此P45為一式四份;即第1部份、第1A部份、第2部份與第3部份。你的僱主會遞交第1部份予英國稅務局,而其他三部份予你。當你開始新工時或申領失業救濟金,你需遞交第2部份與第3部份予新僱主或求職中心,而保留第1A部份。若你丟失了P45,你將不能領取複印本。
  2. P46:若你開始第一份工,或同時做另一份工而無放棄先前之工作,或你丟失了P45,新僱主會給予你P46填寫,或要求你提供有關的信息,以便分派適當的稅務代碼來算出你在第一發薪日應扣取的稅款。英國稅務局也會從你的新雇主獲得有關的信息處理P46。
  3. P60:你的P60為一份在稅務年度內有關你的薪俸與扣除的稅款。你的僱主應在每一稅務年度 (四月六日至次年四月五日為一稅務年度)後遞交一份P60予你。你可能需要此P60填寫自己評估報稅單(若有此需要),或需要求退稅,或申請稅務津貼。若你丟失了P60,你可以要求你的僱主提供一份複印本。

P45, P46 and P60

If you are an employee, your employer must give you certain documents – Forms P45 and P60 – about the tax you pay on your wages.

  1. P45: You get a P45 from your employer when you stop working for them. A P45 has four parts – Part 1, Part 1A, Part 2 and Part 3. Your employer should send Part 1 to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and give you the other three. When you start a new job or claim a Jobseeker’s Allowance, you give Part 2 and Part 3 to your new employer or to Jobcentre Plus and Part 1A for your own records. If you have lost P45 you will not be able to get a replacement.
  2. P46: If you start your first job or taking on a second job without giving up your other one, your new employer may give you a Form P46 to complete or will ask you for the relevant information to allocate a tax code and work out the tax due on your first pay day. HMRC will process the P46 or the relevant information passed on from your new employer.
  3. P60: Your P60 is the summary of your pay and the tax that has been deducted from your pay in the tax year. Your employer should provide you with a P60 to keep as a record at the end of every tax year which runs from 6 April to 5 April the next year. You might need this P60 to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return if this applies to you, to claim back any tax you have overpaid or to apply for tax credits. If you have lost it you can ask your employer for a duplicate copy.

若需要諮詢有關此些P45, P46與P60,敬請與倫敦華人社區中心聯絡。

For further information about these P45, P46 and P60, please contact the Chinese Community Centre.

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