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Trip to New Forest National Park 2018

Trip to New Forest National Park 2018
Media Report:
On October 28th, the Chinese Community Centre organized a day trip for members to the New Forest National Park. This beautiful forest park is located in the South West of England and is home to many trees, gorgeous flowers, picturesque villages and wild horses. The scenery was fantastic and a great day was had by all!
華人社區中心10月28日組織會員乘大巴,赴新森林國家公園(New Forest National Park)賞秋一日游。該森林公園地處英格蘭西南部,有大量的古樹、花朵滿枝的石南灌木叢、如畫的村莊和野馬群,景色十分怡人。會員們均表示,心曠神怡,不枉此行。