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Charity Sales 義賣

Charity Sales

The running of our centre relies on donations from our supportive members and generous sponsors. Besides money, various kinds of items are donated to us, including books, pieces of art and decorations. Some of these items we keep on charity premises, whilst others we gratefully pass on to our members. For example, donated works of art are displayed on the walls of our centre and members borrow books from our shelves which are almost all kindly donated. 

However, the space to house all of our generously donated items is limited and we continue to accumulate! Therefore, we would like to put some items up for charity sale.

Please take a look at some of the items we’re putting up for sale, and please do email us if you are interested!

Luna New year, London Chinatown
西眺瑪利兵房軍官宿舍 (美利樓),香港,一八四六
The officer’s quarter looking toward Victoria (Murray house), Hong Kong, 1846
M. Bruce
書法   朱良拱老師書
Mr Zhu Liang-gong
無愧於心   書法  
Wúkuì yú xīn  
Written by Mr Zhu Liang-gong
Tile Decorations

書籍: 小說、文學、實用、特刊等