London CCC

Join us at the CCC 歡迎加入我們的大家庭

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Early this year,  the United Kingdom announced that it would relax BNO status for Hong Kong residents to settle in the UK , British citizen (overseas) visas have also taken effect since 31.01.2021.   Many Hong Kong people have exercised their rights granted by this new visa to immigrate to the UK.   London is known as a metropolitan city and the country welcomes people from different ethnic backgrounds.   We are delighted  to see more Chinese joining this diversified and inclusive country.  The London Chinese Community Centre (CCC) acts as a hub for members of the Chinese community living in London, and we sincerely invite you to become a member of the London Chinese Community Centre.
自今年初英國公佈放寬香港人到英國定居的措施後,部分香港人已相繼到達英國建立新家園。 倫敦作為一個國際大都會城市,亦以推廣不同的族群的文化見稱。倫敦華人社區中心樂見更多華人加入這個多元化共融的國家,我們非常樂意在您和家人移居倫敦的過程中提供協助,亦誠邀您成為倫敦華人社區中心的一份子。